11.5. 20 Uhr Infoveranstaltung zu den Anti-Frontex-Tage in Warschau/Polen mit KüFa

On May, 21st, 2015 the crème de la crème of European racism will gather in Warsaw, Poland, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the creation of one of the most influential meta-organisations that guards assets of the Fortress Europe. For many years, Antifrontex Days have been organized in Warsaw – it’s the time to give them a new impetus and strengthen each other’s voices of protest. Thus, together, we, migrants and allies, invite you for the Antifrontex Days, which will take place in Warsaw on 19-22 May. We are waiting for you with meetings, screenings, demonstrations, and associated Activist Days Off festival.
For more information visit: migracja.noblogs.org, contact: antifrontexberlin@riseup.net

Wer Lust hat kann gerne ab 17:30 Uhr zum Gemüseschnippeln kommen.
Ab 19:30 Uhr gibt es dann veganes Essen gegen Spende.