14.4. 20 Uhr Infoveranstaltung „Protest march for Freedom to Brussels“ und Vokü

„Protest march for Freedom to Brussels“. Since recently, different refugee and sans papiers struggles are getting together into a europewide network and hold preparation meetings about every two months. The aim is to organize a europewide protest march from Strasbourg to Brussels in May/June 2014, starting with the EU parliament Elections and arriving in Brussels to protest against the next summit deciding on EU migration law. We want to protest against the European policies and against the EU summit where refugee and migration policies will be made. In marching for our freedom we will break the EU-laws by crossing
borders and we want to show that we are not accepting the isolation produced by racist and colonialist laws! To inform you about our action and on how you can support us, join our info-event.
Vokü ab 20 Uhr, Veranstaltungsbeginn ca 21 Uhr, ab 18 Uhr gerne zum schnippeln helfen kommen.