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28.4. 20 Uhr Veranstaltung “Against the 2014 World Cup in Brazil” und Vokü

The next World Cup was arranged to be in Brazil in june 2014. But in the last few years, and specially after the riots in june 2013, a big social movement wants to say no to the world cup in Brazil. In a country know as the “Country of football” this seems surprising, but the re-arrangement of the cities to enter in the model wanted by the FIFA and a “touristic model” made the poor people even more excluded, cause of that many riot movements happened in the country in these last few years. These movements only got visibility in the international media when in june 2013 massive riots exploded in the whole country.
In spite of the image the Brazilian government tries to create of a country that is economically successful and incredible growing, the social gap between classes is still really big. The 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil are one of the visible results of this economical success for the government. So, the authorities really try to create an image of a country that is modern, where the quality of life grows, and where there’s a kind of “social peace”. The poorest populations pay the price of this image. As a result of these mega-events, the cities are being cleansed, the poor neighborhoods are being pacified (which means they are put under military control), many poor neighborhoods have been destroyed and the people put far away from the city centers, the gentrification increases and the prices in the big cities get extremely highs. This social context leads to a general popular dissatisfaction and the people rise up. This revolt is violently repressed by the authorities.

What’s the answer of the government for the riot movements?
Specially after the last year, the police violently repress the demonstrations, with the usual arms (like tear gas, sound bombs, flash balls…) and sometimes real bullets. Mass arrests are also one of it’s tactics. The big medias help the police showing an image of the demonstrators as violent and dangerous people. Many people arrested during this period were already charged by the National Security Laws (that exist since the military dictatorship and are also anti-terrorists) and laws against the “organized crime”. These are the arms the repression has been using till now.
At this moment, the Brazilian parliament is running to vote new anti-terrorists laws before the world cup. After these new laws it will be possible to define the demonstrations as terrorists acts. These laws also want to create a new charge for “attempt to material things”, that could give up to 20 years in prison. Beyond the demonstrations, a big part of the poor people from the big cities is constantly repressed by the police cause of the simple fact of being black, poor and live inside a favela. This happens even more during international mega-events.
Facing all this, the brazilian movements against the world cup are tying to get prepared to the repression during the world cup.

What’s the Anarchist Black Cross of Rio de Janeiro?
The Anarchist Black Cross Rio de Janeiro is an autonomous solidarity group against repression. The ABC Rio de Janeiro was formed in november 2013 to give financial support to the people in prison after the riots in june 2013 and the teachers strike in october 2013. This group is now trying to raise money to use against the repression during the World Cup. In general the ABC Rio de Janeiro wants to support not only the people considered as “political prisoners”, but every prisoner.

Die Veranstaltung ist in englischer Sprache, deutsche Übersetzung möglich.
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Vokü ab 20 Uhr, Veranstaltungsbeginn ca. 21 Uhr, ab 18 Uhr gerne zum Schnippeln helfen kommen.

14.4. 20 Uhr Infoveranstaltung „Protest march for Freedom to Brussels“ und Vokü

„Protest march for Freedom to Brussels“. Since recently, different refugee and sans papiers struggles are getting together into a europewide network and hold preparation meetings about every two months. The aim is to organize a europewide protest march from Strasbourg to Brussels in May/June 2014, starting with the EU parliament Elections and arriving in Brussels to protest against the next summit deciding on EU migration law. We want to protest against the European policies and against the EU summit where refugee and migration policies will be made. In marching for our freedom we will break the EU-laws by crossing
borders and we want to show that we are not accepting the isolation produced by racist and colonialist laws! To inform you about our action and on how you can support us, join our info-event.
Vokü ab 20 Uhr, Veranstaltungsbeginn ca 21 Uhr, ab 18 Uhr gerne zum schnippeln helfen kommen.