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Veranstaltungen im April 2012


Das Anarchistisches Infocafé findet heute nicht statt!


Diskussionsveranstaltung „Internationale Solidarität und antimilitaristische Praxis“.

Nach einem kurzen Input vom Antikriegscafé soll die Frage diskutiert werden, wie praktische, antimilitaristische Solidarität mit Aufständen aussehen könnte. Wo können wir ansetzen und was sind unsere Forderungen? Achtet auf weitere Ankündigungen.

Vokü ab 20.00 Uhr, Veranstaltungsbeginn ca. 21.00 Uhr, ab 18.00 Uhr gerne zum Schnippeln helfen kommen.

26.3. Infoverantaltung zu homeless movement in Rio de Janeiro

two short movies about the homeless movement in Rio de Janeiro.
after the movies we have some time for disscussion, we will also provide informations about the movement and situation in general in Rio de Janeiro.

Vokü ab 20 Uhr, Veranstaltungsbeginn ca 21 Uhr, ab 18 Uhr gerne zum
Schnippeln helfen kommen

„justa causa“ – if housing ist a right, ocupying is a plight!
(documentary-rio de janeiro-30min-OmDU-2008)
short documentation from and about the „sem tetos“ (homeless-movement) in the center of rio de janeiro. people talk about daily live in the ocupations and the struggle against real estate especulation, marginalisation and the „Choque de Ordem“ (Operation shock and order)

„guerreiros urbanos“ – Urban Warrior
(documentary-rio de janeiro-6.36 min -OmDU-2010)
short movie, from our friend vladimir santa fe about the eviction of the sem teto colective „Guerreiro Urbano“, wich took place the 13.12.2010 in the center of rio de janeiro.

some information about “sem teto” movement in the center of rio de janeiro:

parts of the „sem-teto“ movement in rio de janeiro has carried out squatts (called “ocupações” in
brazil) in the central area of the city. “sem-teto” means, literally, “roofless”. this social movement, highly politicized, is composed by some sort of people, like unemployment ones, workers of the informal sector of economy (like ambulant sellers), ex-homeless.(that have once lived in the streets of the city) or people who can not pay rent for a house. these ocupações in the center of Rio de Janeiro are committed to self-management, based on the principle of solidarity and mutual aid.

the dwellers organize themselves through assemblies within an autonomous movement which is not associated with any form of parties or institution.
all decisions that affects or are related to each ocupação are made by their own assemblies, recognized like the only representative forum, called “collective”

by occupying abandoned buildings the movement questions the real-estate speculation. the latter leads to the absurd fact that while 270.000 houses are needed in the municipality of Rio de Janeiro, 250.000 places stay vacant without fulfilling any social function. the „Sem- teto“ movement believe that the urban reform is something that has to be done by people´s power (poder popular), knowing that the burgees capitalist state will not attend the demand of the impoverished workers. the processes of new ocupações like these self- managed ones is usually very organized.
they normally take several months of meetings with the families, discussing large topics like the urban conjuncture, the role of the state and his violence and the segregation of the poor. on the other hand, the internal self-management of the collective are also debated. Themes like the internal regiment (the norms of the ocupação), the activities that is expected to be developed in the new territory (self-managed economic alternatives, community kitchen, community kindergarten, etc.) and the name of the ocupação.
the sem teto movement in Rio de Janeiro show that a combination of direct action and the satisfaction of basic needs can provide the conditions necessary for the construction of a sustainable grassroots movement.
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